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Market Access
Pricing, Reimbursement: 
  • Evaluation of marketing possibilities (reimbursement yes-no, at which potential prices),
  • Pricing notifications according to the Austrian Pricing Law (OTC, hospital products),
  • Pricing Notifications according to the Austrian "General Social Security Act" (for reimbursement applications to the "Austrian Bord of Sick Funds"),
  • Compilation of documents needed for a reimbursement application/ listing in the "Erstattungskodex"),
  • Evaluation of pharmaco-economic possbilities and "hunting for" additional Austrian data,
  • filing the corresponding forms and documents with the Austrian Board of Sick Funds via the „electronic workflow“ (access as „Pharmavertreter“),
  • negotiations (price, text restricting prescriptions by doctors etc.) with the Austrian Board of Sick Funds

„Product Care" after listing in the Erstattungskodex:
eg notifications of changes in the PIL to the Austrian Board of Sick Funds, applications for new indications, price increases etc.

Possible Marketing Strategies:
which professionals will have to be addressed, information of/ events for professionals etc.

Please contact us per mail: office@pharmaservices.at